Who has never heard about Medicinal Toothpaste Couto?
The Medicinal Toothpaste Couto played an important role on changing oral hygiene habits of the Portuguese and was equally pioneering on betting - on the 60's - in an activity “called” advertising, a sector that nowadays is indispensable for the promotion and visibility of a company.
Since spots for television, to outdoors and allusive posters to the product, the Medicinal Toothpaste Couto marked the Portuguese society of the XX century.
It was the toothpaste that walked in the mouth of all people.
The advertising image of a man spinning around with an imprisoned chair on his teeth - only possible due to the Medicinal Toothpaste Couto - was kept in the memory of all the Portuguese.
The origins
On the 30's Alberto Ferreira Couto, with the help of a dentist friend, wanted to develop a product to reduce gengival infections and to limit the increasing of gum disease.
Thus, after some experiences, he created the first formula of the toothpaste, registered for the first time in the Oporto on the 13 of June 1932.
Its success was almost immediate, the Medicinal Toothpaste Couto entered in the Portuguese houses and started to be part of routine of the population.
The Medicinal Toothpaste Couto was the toothpaste of the majority of Portuguese population, and today it is still recognized as an excellent quality toothpaste.
Today it is still produced on a half-artisan form, without ingredients of animal origin, it keeps its original design and the famous backward original packing and continues to be recommended for daily cleanness of teeth and the mouth.
Since October of 2001, due to the new communitarian laws that limited the use of the "medicinal" word, the product started to call TOOTHPASTE COUTO.
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